Skills & Software

What I love to do, and what I do best.


As an SEO Specialist, I work to develop informed strategies and deliverables such as keyword research, technical SEO maintenance, optimized metadata, content optimization, and data analysis that contribute to growing organic search traffic for clients across a range of industries.
Front-End Development & Web Design
I use my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build unique performance-focused websites that drive results, improve your rankings, and grow the authority of their business online.
Data Visualization
I use data visualization and analysis skills to create reports that present large amounts of data in custom reports to tell a meaningful story and effectively communicate it to key stakeholders.
Information Architecture
Using data gathered during research, I can help identify the biggest opportunities for website structure expansion and hierarchy based on relevancy, organic search volume, and competitive landscape.
Research & Analysis
I have extensive experience conducting competitive research, analyzing data to identify trends, and deriving insights from data to inform strategy.


Content Management Systems
I can build and fully customize websites using popular content management systems including WordPress, Webflow and Shopify.
Google Analytics, Search Console & Tag Manager
I am experienced with Google Analytics (including GA4) and Search Console to analyze user behaviour and identify organic search trends. I am also familiar with using tags, triggers, and variables to simplify and scale advanced tracking configurations.
Google Sheets & Looker Studio
I have extensive experience using Google Sheets to create polished deliverables for clients, as well as using Google Data Studio to deliver automated reports that present website, organic search, and third-party data sources in a variety of formats through fully customized, and easy-to-understand dashboards.
I have experience fine-tuning and using role assistant parameters to interact with OpenAI’s text and chat completion API endpoints to create custom solutions with GPT-3 and GPT-4 for a variety of use cases.
I use Figma primarily as a design tool, but also as a virtual whiteboard I use for all kinds of collaborative and visual work.