Skills & Software

What I love to do, and what I do best.


Data Management
As a Data Management Specialist, I develop and implement strategies to ensure the accuracy, integrity of data across various systems. I work with stakeholders to help them leverage their data effectively, and optimize data collection processes.
Data Visualization
I use data visualization and analysis skills to create reports that present large amounts of data in custom reports to tell a meaningful story and effectively communicate it to key stakeholders.
Front-End Development & Web Design
I use my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build unique performance-focused websites that drive results, improve your rankings, and grow the authority of their business online.
Information Architecture
Experience with creating, organizing, and presenting information effectively in a variety of formats including categorizing information, developing hierarchies, selecting organizational patterns, and utilizing markup languages.
I have experience in SEO, specializing in conducting extensive keyword research and developing technical and local SEO strategies to help boost organic traffic for clients in various industries.
Research & Analysis
I have extensive experience conducting competitive research, analyzing data to identify trends, and deriving insights from data to inform strategy.


Content Management Systems
I can build and fully customize websites using popular content management systems including WordPress, Webflow and Shopify.
Google Analytics, Search Console & Tag Manager
I am experienced with Google Analytics (including GA4) and Search Console to analyze user behaviour and identify organic search trends. I am also familiar with using tags, triggers, and variables to simplify and scale advanced tracking configurations.
Google Sheets & Looker Studio
I have extensive experience using Google Sheets to create polished deliverables for clients, as well as using Google Data Studio to deliver automated reports that present website, organic search, and third-party data sources in a variety of formats through fully customized, and easy-to-understand dashboards.
I have experience fine-tuning, using role assistant parameters, and training examples to interact with large language models to create custom solutions with OpenAI, Claude, and Gemini models for a variety of use cases.
I use Figma primarily as a design tool, but also as a virtual whiteboard I use for all kinds of collaborative and visual work.